Dealing With Negative Reviews On Google My Business



Whether your business is small or large, having bad or negative reviews can ruin your reputation as well as your brand. Apparently, your online reputation and brand supervision are compelling to your business. This is always contemplated as bad SEO. Today, a client or consumer needs to review your site before they purchase your products or services and if by any means find dirty reviews all over, this affects your sales. As an entrepreneur, you can turn out those bad reviews to your benefit, but how? Lets get down to the focal points and see how negative reviews can work for you. Read on & discover how to deal with & potentially remove google my business reviews.

Plan your response
You will need to gather enough information before you respond. Don’t react instantly as this may damage your reputation. Formulate an adept strategy and survey diligently what happened with your product.

Verify the originality of the review
Though you don’t have to act emotionally to a bad review on your site, you still need not to leave them unresolved. Why? This is because any potential customers reviewing your site have no idea whether the review is fake or authentic. Perform your research earnestly and find out whether the complainer purchased your products.

Fake or false review response
You need to respond to a fake review using a different approach. You will need to apologize to the complaint and let them know you feel for them and you are ready to solve their problem. Give them your contact information for additional solutions and ultimately, flag the review.

Flag a fake Google review
To delete a fake review, you will need to log in to your business account dashboard and all your reviews will display on the left side of your screen. Find the fraudster and give that person a hex.
Preserving your good reputation of your brand and product needs a professional response. Follow these guidelines before reacting instantly and emotionally.

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